50°13' 4340"N
22°23' 6800"E

                          Lezajsk district is located in the south-eastern part of the Podkarpackie Province. Its capital Lezajsk is one of the oldest  towns in south-east  Poland. The tradition of Lezajsk is as old as the end of 14th century. The biggest and the longest village of the Lezajsk district is Giedlarowa with abouth 4000 inhabitants. It is located in the destination from Lezajsk to Lancut. It was founded in 1409 by Mikolaj Giedlar, the inhabitant from Lezajsk. Giedlarowa is surrounded by remnant of  the Sandomierz Forest. It is ecologically clean environment. The flora of the area includes a number of interesting and rare plants. It is also the mainstay for a  number of unusual animals and birds such as the European beaver, long eared owl, black stork, flycatchers and corncrakes. The river San runs trough the gmina and the associated  wiidland thickeths and forest  form attractive  nooks. The waters of the San contain a variety of fish that attract many fishermen.    

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An largement

The agrofarm "Under the pines" is located 4,2  km  from the Lezajsk market, by the main road to Lancut .

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