Natural environment:

punktorThe "Suchy Ług" sanctuary a vast peat bog situated among the forest with varied flora and fragments  of marshy coniferous forest.
3,5 km suchy ług
punktorThe nature reserve "Las Klasztorny" is  the remains of the former Sandomierska Primaeval Forest. 
6 km las klasztorny
punktorThe "Kolacznia" sanctuary is the only region in Poland where Pontic azalea, a unique shrub with beautiful golden yellow flowers and intense scent, thrives naturally
15 km azalia
punktorA beavers' feeding ground
6 km bobry
punktorThe education - natural path "Ostoja bobrowa" in Lezajsk
6 km ścieżka eko
punktorThe natural reserve " Szumy nad Tanwią" 
75 km szumy
punktorThe Museum and Educational Center of  Roztoczanski National Park  in  Zwierzyniec
45 km Zwierzyniec
punktorArboretum - a specially botanical garden in Bolestraszyce
75 km arboretum
punktorThe geological reserve "Przadki"
100 km Prządki